Captivated Heart + Empowered Mind

Revolution is not a one-time event. It is becoming always vigilant for the smallest opportunity to make a genuine change in established, outgrown responses; for instance, it is learning to address each other’s difference with respect.

~ Audre Lorde

To put it simply: the word yoga means a union. Students of yoga are consistently offered the opportunity to meet ourselves in a way that unifies body, mind, and spirit. Spiritual growth resides in the moment when we give ourselves permission to expand beyond physical asana. When it comes to societal change and participating in a revolution for racial equity, yoga provides the tools necessary to be present for uncomfortable dialogue (both external and internal), experience emotional integrity, and engage in bare attention that elevates listening and learning. The self-discovery and radical self-love achieved in the process are enriching and inevitable by-products of a well-sustained practice that honors each limb of yoga. Yoga inspires intrinsic revelation, if you allow it to do so.


  • Prepare for movement, in EVERY sense: 

    From how she readies the room (the ultimate act of hospitality) to her profound ability to instruct and inspire, teaching is Jess’ ART and her passion.  Starting with a story/fable/reading to set the tone and focus intention, you’re in for a solid physical practice (concentrating on form, fun and flow), followed by some serious mind/spirit nourishment.  Acute in her grace, relentless in her wisdom, gifted in song, you’re in for something rare, real and truly meaningful – no routines here, rather, a shift in experience…

    Sarah Dorman

  • Jess is one of those special people that you trust while doing things out of your comfort zone in both the physical and mental aspects.  She is one hundred percent authentic in her practice off and on the yoga mat.  One thing I love about her teaching style is that every single class/workshop I attended with her, I could tell she was in her element… her state of “flow”.  What she offers is more than a set of instruction on poses (which is always on point) – she offers a genuine look into the work that goes into self exploration, growth, and disciplined practice.  

    I highly recommend Jess for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and integrity.


  • When walking into one of Jess’ classes, you are immediately greeted with a smile and open arms.  The room oozes with love and peace as she creates a safe and sacred place for you to practice.  Her flows allow you to discover your inner strength physically and mentally.  As you move into svasana, you are transported to a higher frequency as she serenades you with Kirtan enchantment.  You can feel the vibrations coursing through you and suddenly you are the only person in the room.  Jess has an innate ability to provide whatever you are searching for as you come onto your mat.  Her classes have brought out an array of emotions in me: pride, goddess strength, power, love, safety, peace, tears, and happiness.  Jess is experienced, well educated, talented, and a wealth of information on many intangible and divine entities and rituals.  I feel blessed that I have been able to be a student to this tremendous teacher and human.

    Meg Do