Resiliency in Heartbreak

How has the experience of heartbreak shown up in my life?

Intentionally. I allow it to enter my life with full awareness and bare attention. I invite my heart to experience the heartbreak with the full intention of learning all that I can from it. I invite myself to bear witness in compassion.

It’s an invitation to experience resiliency. To remain present in this moment without jumping into the next relationship. This time around, it feels ever more potent. It feels like my heart is taking even longer to heal. The pain feels just as prominent today as it did when things ended. I try to remind myself that my self-worth is not determined by anyone else’s healing timeline. It’s a work in progress and progress is not linear.

The absence of what was remains deeply embedded in the minutiae of my day to day. But this time, I welcome in the non-duality of it: the act of being present to my heart breaking, but breaking open. Why am I compelled to share this right now? Vulnerability is a part of my medicine. Being open and allowing others to peer into my human experience in hopes that the message of “you are enough” reaches not only me, but perhaps also you. A relationship that did not work out is not a reflection of relationships to come. Always trust love more than your wounds.

That doesn’t mean that it will not hurt every once in awhile. It may perhaps even remain as a dull aching pain accompanying you throughout your day. The self-discovery in the wake of a broken heart is medicine. I have (and still continue to) learned so much about who I am during this process.

The path of least resistance is not the one I choose here. I choose the path of self-discovery, of sitting with my pain and offering it compassion, space, and presence. This time, I volunteer to feel fully into it and recognize the greater work in motion here. That is the gift of heartbreak. The love I have for my past partner remains, but the love I have for myself is what truly reigns.

Resiliency in heartbreak means never allowing it to sour our present experience of love.

Resiliency in heartbreak means loving yourself even harder, louder, and better. 

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