Prepare for movement, in EVERY sense: 

From how she readies the room (the ultimate act of hospitality) to her profound ability to instruct and inspire, teaching is Jess’ ART and her passion.  Starting with a story/fable/reading to set the tone and focus intention, you’re in for a solid physical practice (concentrating on form, fun and flow), followed by some serious mind/spirit nourishment.  Acute in her grace, relentless in her wisdom, gifted in song, you’re in for something rare, real and truly meaningful – no routines here, rather, a shift in experience…

Sarah Dorman

Jess is one of those special people that you trust while doing things out of your comfort zone in both the physical and mental aspects.  She is one hundred percent authentic in her practice off and on the yoga mat.  One thing I love about her teaching style is that every single class/workshop I attended with her, I could tell she was in her element… her state of “flow”.  What she offers is more than a set of instruction on poses (which is always on point) – she offers a genuine look into the work that goes into self exploration, growth, and disciplined practice.  

I highly recommend Jess for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and integrity.


When walking into one of Jess’ classes, you are immediately greeted with a smile and open arms.  The room oozes with love and peace as she creates a safe and sacred place for you to practice.  Her flows allow you to discover your inner strength physically and mentally.  As you move into svasana, you are transported to a higher frequency as she serenades you with Kirtan enchantment.  You can feel the vibrations coursing through you and suddenly you are the only person in the room.  Jess has an innate ability to provide whatever you are searching for as you come onto your mat.  Her classes have brought out an array of emotions in me: pride, goddess strength, power, love, safety, peace, tears, and happiness.  Jess is experienced, well educated, talented, and a wealth of information on many intangible and divine entities and rituals.  I feel blessed that I have been able to be a student to this tremendous teacher and human.

Meg Do

I was intrigued when I first learned of  Jess’ upcoming Full Moon – Super Moon Flow Workshop. I immediately registered without really knowing what to expect. Jess has a certain contagious positive energy and it translated into the workshop. Jess had the participants place our yoga mats to form an intimate circle.  Jess provided all of the materials and during the next 2 hours I learned about setting an intention, writing it down and also meditating on this intention. I learned about cleansing negative energy with palo santo wood and I also learned about using essential oils, and various quartz crystals. Jess also led us through a heat building flow. The magical workshop ended with everyone going outside into the cool night air to view the beautiful Super Moon perched above the yoga studio. I hope to attend another workshop again with Jess and I would definitely recommend attending one of her classes or workshops if you have the opportunity!

Sean K.

Jessica’s yoga/kirtan class is powerful, energizing,  empowering. YOU will connect with your center, your power. Jess is real, authentic, honest, clear, and powerful, and she gives you all that good stuff too. GO and enjoy!

Susan Leavitt

I had the honor of taking a class with Jess at Ocean Park on Martha’s Vineyard. Her beautiful spirit guided us through our practice with calm and confident cues. She offers a variety of options so that all can feel comfortable in their practice. The entire experience was magical: the wind gently blowing, the sun shining and Jess guiding us from one pose to the next. At the end of the practice as we rested, she sang with a beautiful voice accompanied by a wonderful musical instrument that looked like a cross between an accordion and a keyboard. Thank you for a great way to start the day! Kat from Randolph, MA

Kat Ogar

Jess’ classes are the perfect blend of relaxation and strength. She leads with grace, accommodates all levels, and always includes an extra special touch (literally!) of supportive assists. After taking her studio class, I knew she’d be the perfect instructor to lead our first in-office yoga event. She catered to a range of abilities and taught a gentle flow that was custom to our needs (ending with a guided meditation). She took the time to visit the office beforehand so the day-of was a breeze. Jess provided music, essential oils, and a sound bowl for meditation. The event was a huge success and everyone is looking forward to the next class!


Emily Joseph, Sparxoo

If you are looking to add a unique, soul inspiring flow to your yoga practice or a beautiful way to manifest abundance in your life, you must attend one of Jess’ Full Moon Flows. As the creator and founder of Mystic Meals Under the Moon, I was quite familiar with moon rituals and intention setting but I had yet to experience moon magic in a yoga practice. Jess’ moon flow marries yoga energy with moon energy for an uplifting, body-soul union.

Jess’ loving energy and her knowledge of intention setting within the communion of others is one of the best ways to manifest intentions whether you are a novice or seasoned yogi/moon manifestor.


Michele Gholson, The Whole Meal

Jessica has changed my life.  When I decided to try yoga (again- first time around was not a big fan) I was unsure if it would really be for me. I have lifted weights, boxed, done martial arts and Pilates over the years.   I have loved all of it for  what it’s done for me physically. I’m older with grown kids but still want to look but most importantly feel “good”. Could yoga do anything different? Wow, was I wrong.  Jessica has taught me more about my body, mind and soul than any other trainer I’ve ever had.  Why? Because she cares.  About you.  How you feel, what you need to achieve and what is best for you. She listens to you.  She is a beautiful special soul.  She is knowledgeable about the human body and makes sure to use that knowledge with each client. My husband has a long history of back pain and issues. She makes sure not to do anything to aggravate the injury  while at the same time helping him learn how to stretch and move his body.  I have learned the importance of breathing and listening to your body.  I could literally go on forever about how absolutely amazing Jessica is…. but honestly.. just take one hour of your life and meet her and train with her. Then you will understand this testimonial.  She is a very rare find….. I treasure her.


I was introduced to Jess at Kodawari after a friend suggested the idea of having a yoga session the morning of my wedding. After formally meeting Jess and taking her classes in the past, I knew she would be the perfect way to start my wedding day. The morning of your wedding can be so stressful for the bride and family members but yoga is the perfect calming addition. Jess picked out a beautiful waterside location and was extremely accommodating.  The practice was a mixture of all levels so that everyone could be included yet challenging for our more advanced friends. My friends and family raved all day about how much they enjoyed the practice with Jess and thanked me profusely for having her be a part of our morning.  She is such a warm and loving soul that I could not imagine a better person to kick off the day I would marry my soulmate. Whether you’re a lifelong yogi looking for a morning workout or just a bride that would like to relieve some stress, a yoga session with Jess will do the trick and your friends and family will be so grateful you did!

Thank you Jess for the perfect wedding morning!

Desireé Minder-Zornow