Sean K.

I was intrigued when I first learned of  Jess’ upcoming Full Moon – Super Moon Flow Workshop. I immediately registered without really knowing what to expect. Jess has a certain contagious positive energy and it translated into the workshop. Jess had the participants place our yoga mats to form an intimate circle.  Jess provided all of the materials and during the next 2 hours I learned about setting an intention, writing it down and also meditating on this intention. I learned about cleansing negative energy with palo santo wood and I also learned about using essential oils, and various quartz crystals. Jess also led us through a heat building flow. The magical workshop ended with everyone going outside into the cool night air to view the beautiful Super Moon perched above the yoga studio. I hope to attend another workshop again with Jess and I would definitely recommend attending one of her classes or workshops if you have the opportunity!