Chandra Namaskar: Libra Full Moon

Saturday, March 23   |  6-8PM  |  $35

Class is limited to 22 students.

Located at The Body Electric Yoga

We will discuss the astrology of this full moon, how to employ her dynamic energetics to ignite harmony in our lives, and how she exemplifies the energy of the Goddess of Equanimity, Lalita. To further harness the benefits of this lunation, we will then transition into a lunar vinyasa flow, using asana to connect bodily with the anima of this moon.

The Spring Equinox coincides with March’s full moon in Libra, heralding a need for internal harmony. As the Lady Justice of the zodiac, Libra arrives this month asking you to evaluate areas of your life that are in and out of balance.

As this equinox marks the start of the new astrological year, there is very little tolerance for disproportionate situations or relationships. Charming, witty, and graceful, this Libra full moon is the energetic catalyst to enact change in our lives, particularly change that is geared towards a magnificently more harmonious life. Ruled by Venus, there is an exceptional emphasis on enjoying all of the beauty that life has to offer.

Students will receive a gift to take home with them. Please bring a journal for a short exercise during the workshop.