Yoga of Recovery: Breckenridge

Examining Addiction with Yoga and Ayurveda

The Yoga of Recovery series is designed to guide you through the interconnection of addiction recovery, yoga, and Ayurveda. This program adapts the 12-step recovery program to a yogic and Ayurvedic model, inviting the student to explore how addiction manifests itself and learn practical, everyday tools to incorporate within recovery. This series is open to all who are: interested in overcoming their own addictive tendencies, curious about the intersection of yoga and addiction, and those seeking to expand their breadth of knowledge. The first 4 weeks are dedicated to understanding the myriad ways that addictive tendencies arise. The remaining 4 weeks will explore how we come back to our senses and learn ways to sweeten our life through Bhakti Yoga, sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. Learning the sense and sense organ associated with the weekly element, what this element is damaged by, and what therapies, Bhakti practices, and other yogic processes can bring this back into balance. In addition to meeting in-person for 8 weeks, students will receive a weekly 1-on-1 session with Jess for support, questions, and mentorship. 


Program requires 8 week commitment

Limited to 12 Students In-Person and 12 Students Virtually

Meeting Times: Wednesdays from 2:00pm-3:45pm

In-person + Virtual + Recorded Sessions


Wednesday March 31
Class 1: Life is Prana – Tired
Stimulation is sought when we are feeling energy/prana-deficient.

Wednesday April 7
Class 2: Life is Prana – Wired
Sedation becomes a necessary method of coping for when we are hyperactive, rajasic, and constantly moving. 

Wednesday April 14
Class 3: Life is Prana – Pain
Self-mediation arises from blockages in the flow of prana and pain results. 

Wednesday April 21
Class 4: Life is Prana – Stress
The need for instant gratification through our senses occurs most often when we are under stress. 

Wednesday April 28
Class 5: Life is Sweet – Earth
The Earth Element, Smell, and Nose

Wednesday May 5
Class 6: Life is Sweet – Water
The Water Element, Taste, and Tongue 

Wednesday May 12
Class 7: Life is Sweet – Fire and Air
The Fire and Air Elements, Sight, Eyes, Touch, and Skin  

Wednesday May 19
Class 8: Life is Sweet – Ether
The Ether Element, Sound, and Ears