Foreseeable Fate

Falling in love is like getting up into handstand: it takes a massive amount of vulnerability, fearlessness, and a willingness to tumble down over and over again. Although not everyone is willing to at least try, everyone has the capacity (in their own way) to do it. It’s a skill that refines itself over time. There is a foreseeable fate to this: imminent humility, injury to ego, dedication despite possible dejection. What continues to call us back to love? The songs of the soul, of the heart. When two humans find themselves intertwined in spirit, lost in the moment of presence, this reinforces the driving force of love. Love is a magical elixir. We yearn for it, strive for it, desire it. Yet sometimes when we find it, we feel an immense amount of aversion to it. Fear rears its viscious head and challenges us. Shall we risk our perceived identities to dive headfirst into vulnerability? The answer, for me, is always yes; an emphatic “yes” to love. Even if heartbreak follows. Because having had the experience of love is far more enriching than not having had the experience altogether. 

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